Gerald, Myriam, Alyssa, Arielle and Alex wish to extend their heartfelt thanks to everyone that has taken the time to pray for Alex and for the generous gifts of time and money.


Gift Cards (GC) / Clothes / Cleaning supplies

  1. Walgreens GC (for Alex's meds not covered by insurance)
  2. H&M Clothing GC (for Alex - clothes suitable for Alex's IV lines)
  3. Clothes for Alex, Size 24 months, with Buttons to accomodate IV lines
  4. Old Navy, Carter's, or Gap GC (for Alex, as above)
  5. Eucerin Dry Skin Calming Lotion (Gold Bottle)
  6. Dove Sensitive Skin Body Soap
  7. Olive Oil, Extra Virgin (for Alex's skin tears)
  8. Capri Sun Juice Boxes (for Alex, hospital does not provide)
  9. Sprite, 7-ounce cans (for Alex, larger cans are too much)
  10. Tressemme Shampoo and Conditioner (for Alex's scalp condition)
  11. Target GC (for clothing and everyday items for Arielle)
  12. Any Gas Station GC (for gas and drinks/snacks to and from Ohio)
  13. Chipotle or Steak and Shake GC (only fast food close to hospital in Ohio)
  14. Chlorox Wipes
  15. Lysol Super Concentrated Mix (amber bottle)
  16. Lysol Disinfectant Spray, Linen Scent
  17. Anti Bacterial Dish Soap
  18. Paper towels

The list above was updated for December, 2012. The needs of the family are focused around getting back and forth to Cincinatti, buying all the meds not covered by insurance, clothing Alex and Arielle. This list is short but includes what they need to travel from Illinois to Ohio twice per month and to provide clothing for Arielle and to allow them to eat while in Cincinatti. We do our best to feed Arielle and Alyssa, but when the parents are in Ohio the parents sometimes don't eat for a couple of days for lack of donated food at Ronald McDonald House - Chipotle and Steak and Shake are the only two fast food joints close enough to walk to from the hospital.

We thought Alex would be home a long, long time ago. It seems like a long lost memory - those days when we thought Alex would be home in 2011 - anytime in 2011.

After three full years in the hospital, we still don't know when Alex will be home, and the family is in need more now than ever.

With time, patience, therapy, more therapy and more time, Alex has a very good chance of recovering. Please check back soon for more information on Alex's status, and thanks again for all you have done. (Check for the latest updates HERE.)

Update -- AUGUST 2012


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I would like to start by thanking Father Mike for taking the time to visit Alex..

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